VISA service


If a visa is required to travel to Austria please contact your local Austrian embassy or consulate to obtain the necessary documents.

Please visit the homepage of the Austrian Foreign Ministry for further information on the visa process and the location of the Austrian embassy responsible for your country.

On request, advanced ophthalmic trainings is pleased to send a visa notification telegram for the advanced training course you are going to attend. Such a telegram is not a commitment that advanced ophthalmic trainings provides any financial support, nor is it a guarantee of the acceptance of an abstract, nor a guarantee that the embassy or consulate will issue the visa.

Visa notification telegrams are sent to only those individuals who are already registered to attend an advanced training course and whose payments have been verified. To request a visa notification telegram please contact us via office(at) Information such as your passport number, citizenship and occupation have to be provided otherwise the telegram is not valid.

While we are pleased to provide documentation of your registration to attend a certain advanced training course organized by advanced ophthalmic trainings, visa issuance is at the sole discretion of the consular officer.

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